Resources For Teachers

THIS page provides a quick reference and links to learning resources that I have written/developed or use for my own teaching. The resources could be useful to either teachers and/or learners. The resources include Apps, lesson plans and other related teaching and learning links and tools that could be used straight away.

The aim is to keep adding resources to this page.

Technology / Computing

THIS is the Progress Pie Chart which I have created for Computing/ICT teaching. It is a different slant on the more conventional Progress Clock or Progress Wheel teaching resource used by teachers to demonstrate progress in a lesson for every student.

Teach-ICT THIS is a great link that can be used by teachers and students when learning about ICT and Computer Science.

ImpartIQ STEM GCSE Apps for learners doing GCSEs in STEM subjects.

Apps written by Dan Bowen, Liz Reece & Gareth Lewis.
Apps produced by ImpartIQ Ltd. THIS is a link to App Inventor. I have been using this with Year 8 groups in my current school. It is great as it gives the learners the opportunity to code by following online tutorials. They then have the opportunity to create their own App’s after gaining ideas from the tutorials. The website can then link straight into Android Tablets which are provided for them. This will give them instant recognition for their achievements and enables the young person to test what they have produced and work out what is going wrong (and there usually is something going wrong!). This further develops independent, problem solving and resilience skills. Note: Learners will need access to a google account to be able to use the App Inventor and keep their work/inventions safe. THIS link is provided by Khan Academy and gives and introduction into using JavaScript language for programming. This specific link provides a way of learning that will introduce young people to programming to create Drawings and Animations. An introductory video into Algorithms. A great way to learn how to code. I have used this to learn about HTML and Python coding. It can also be used to learn other languages. Extended learning outside the classroom can be set for students to learn independently. It is split into easy to follow lessons. Dreamweaver CS6 allows you to download for FREE a programme to enable a young person to create their own webpages and create their first websites. THIS link provides a ‘teach yourself’ introduction/tutorial to HTML and engages a young person in writing their own webpages. THIS link provides ideas for learning and teaching coding using Python. There are lesson plans, activities and resources to help teachers new to Computing. The ‘Hour of Code’ learning and resources as well as handy tutorials for teaching.

Cambridge GCSE Computing THIS website is a very useful resource for teachers or students who want to learn more about the Computing GCSE. It offers support for ALL specifications but covers the OCR specification very closely.


PSHE Lesson in British Values including lesson plan and PowerPoint.

Business Studies

Business Studies Lesson: Quality Control V Quality Assurance including lesson plan and PowerPoint.

Planning & Carrying Out a Piece of Research which includes a lesson plan. This specific lesson was designed to include an element of technology enhanced teaching using the Learning Designer lesson planning tool.

Sources of Finance THIS is a 30 minute Business Studies lesson based around Sources of Finance. It could easily be extended for longer learning periods. The link includes all the resources required to carry out the lesson.

General Teaching & Learning Ideas

GL_ThisEd_LessonTemplate_MCSMObs THIS is a PowerPoint template that I base all my lessons around. It is based around setting objectives using Must, Should, Could/Might. It can be adapted to be used for WALT & WILF objectives. It means that lessons are planned and resources produced all in one place. Please download and adapt to suit your own need. This is an updated link created 1st May 2016.

The 5 Minute Lesson Plan – Digital is the online version of the 5 minute lesson plan created by @teachertoolkit and provides a quick lesson planning tool which can be printed or filled in online.

Star Wars Crawl Creator provides an engaging way of giving information to learners using the opening credits of the Star Wars films. A great idea if you want to present lesson objectives or maybe a new project. Once written the site provides a code and a link to access your crawl at any time in the future. You can even embed it into a presentation or website of your choice.

Reflecting On Marking provides examples of what exemplary marking could look like.

Growth Mindset For Students is a quick video to explain the concept of this common sense learning approach. Its made in a child friendly way that all students would be able to grasp. It also leaves the young person with a question to think about.

Gaining Your Next Teaching Role…

These are two information sources that have helped me gain new teaching roles.

Firstly a link with advice on that next teaching role (courtesy of @headguruteacher). This gives really good information on what is looked for in the application as well as what to do and what to say at the interview stage. It provides further suggestions about what is expected when applying for teaching roles at various levels.

Secondly, this is a link from The Guardian on the top 10 job interview questions that are asked to teachers. It will help the reader plan for the type of questions that will be asked during the interview.