Reflecting On Growth Mindset Teaching

THIS is a link to number 36 of the Scalby School Teaching and Learning blog which has some great ideas on how to teach a Growth Mindset to young people. 

One link that is mentioned originates from MindShift and attempts to clear up some confusions. The author, Eduardo Briceño discusses ways to support a Growth Mindset and this quote stuck out for me;

cultivating growth mindsets involves a gradual process of releasing responsibility to students for them to become more self-sufficient learners, and praise is a communications technique that tends to be more helpful earlier in that process of building agency. Later on, adults can ask students questions that prompt them to reflect, so that they’re progressing down the path toward independence“.

This has helped me to reflect on two things. Firstly that students cannot be just left to their own devices. So called experts who criticize progressive teaching (if it even exists?) often think that kids are just put in classrooms, given a task and then left to their own devices. It plainly states that if Growth Mindset (arguably a progressive teaching technique) is carried out well it is about building a young persons ‘agency’ and their skills to become truly independent learners. Teaching Growth Mindset therefore is about a teacher using both traditional and progressive teaching styles.

Note: I really hate the fact that I even have to consider that there may be two different styles of teaching. For me there is just one; ‘Common Sense Teaching’ which involves adopting different teaching styles and techniques as the need arises.

Secondly it has given me further confidence that the skills I am trying to develop in the learners that I teach are going to create young people with a Growth Mindset needed for life in the 21st century. The quote encapsulates how I like to teach on a daily basis.