Using AI2 App Inventor In KS3

THIS is a post that I have been wanting to share for a few weeks and is aimed at Computing teachers who teach KS3.

I have been using App Inventor for about a month now with learners and I have rarely seen young people so engaged in their learning.

I have been using this with Year 8 groups in my current school. It is great as it gives the learners the opportunity to learn code by following online tutorials. They then have the opportunity to create their own App’s after gaining ideas from the tutorials. The coding is very similar to Scratch but engages the young people far better.

The website can then link straight into Android Tablets which are provided for them by the school. The tablets where a costly outlay but the engagement and seeing learners develop a love for learning and wanting to succeed, in my opinion, has made it worth the spend!

Using the tablets gives them instant recognition for their achievements and enables the young person to test what they have produced and work out what is going wrong (and there usually is something going wrong!). This further develops independent learning, problem solving and resilience skills.

I have included one of my lesson PowerPoint presentations AppInventor_Lesson2&3_TalkToMe which I have used recently to give my year 8 classes their first taste of using the App Inventor. The PowerPoint includes a constant reminder of what the learners need to do in order to make progress and achieve their target levels. Homework activities are based around writing up their experiences (via a ‘Student Workbook’) and justifying how they are achieving/working towards their target grade. This evaluation work is started in the classroom and extended as a homework task is the link to use to get into App Inventor and create your Apps. Note: Learners will need access to a google account to be able to use the App Inventor and keep their work/creations safe.


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