Paper, pen and assessment triangles

THIS is a way to track student progress which I will be trying out in this 2016 Summer Term. Thanks @lessonToolbox!

Pete Sanderson's @LessonToolbox Blog

triangles Assessment recording system using triangles

Over the past couple of years, I have changed the way I record student progress. Previously I always recorded student homework and assessment data directly onto Excel spreadsheets. Unfortunately, this requires a laptop to be switched and the mark book to be opened which takes time and as they occupy the same space this means that email, social media and other distractions are only a click away. You may be the type of disciplined individual who can ignore these time thieving applications – completing the task in one go to get back to important things (family, books, films, music, mowing the lawn… you get the idea). I have yet to find the inner strength whilst marking, not have a sneaky check up on what’s happening on email, only to realise that the last hour was spent clicking things whilst sat next to a pile of…

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