The ‘Essential’ Skills

THIS blog is being written at 7:20am on Tuesday 5th January 2016.

My last official working day within my previous educational role was the 31st December. If we take out the Christmas holiday season, my last actual working day was the 23rd December. I am due to start a months contract teaching A level Business Studies on Friday, but this is my first day getting up and waiting for a call to go out and do supply work… if it comes?

While I sit here I have been reflecting on a documentary I recently watched featuring Barrack Obama and some of his words resonated with me. He suggested that All people should ‘find a way of being useful and further more always be kind‘. He followed this up by saying that in his experience ‘those that do better in life are those that have resilience and perseverance‘. The documentary was not based on any political venture, he was just talking openly and in a relaxed way about how he saw the world.

Being kind and being useful

As I sit here I am thinking about my own experiences. My own view of how to treat people is that you need to be fair, consistent and treat others with respect, whether that is a as a school leader or in the classroom. I have always made it my mission to never ask anyone, whether it be learners or colleagues, to do anything that I would not do. I believe that  this is a form of being kind. I also believe in being empathic to peoples needs which again is part of being kind. I have also, so far, managed to ensure that I am employed pretty much consistently from the age of 20 to now. I have even changed careers in my mid 20’s which involved re-training to ensure that I could still be useful. Of course, being kind and being useful means so much more, but this is my take on the word.

Resilience and perseverance

THIS is part of what I am doing now. There must be thousands of other supply teachers sat in the same position as me and waiting for a call? Many will have chosen this way of life and they will persevere with this uncertainty every morning. I know this is not for me! I am looking for a permanent position so I can build relationships with groups of learners or colleagues and help them to aspire to be achieve better than they thought possible by being fair and consistent. As I work towards this goal I am sure that I will suffer setbacks and rejection along the way. This is where I will need to show resilience to keep moving forward towards my goal. I have had to be resilient in my working life before after being treated in an unfair, inconsistent and unkind way by a previous employer in my distant past. I hope I never have to experience those feelings again but it has grown me as a person and has given me the experience of the working under unkind people. It has helped to further mould my thinking to be kinder and better person in everything I do. Further to this, it has taught me significantly more about being resilient! I always remember this little quote which does help me from time to time; ‘It doesn’t matter how many times you get hit, its about how many times you get hit and keep moving forward, that’s how winning is done!‘ (Bonus points for anyone who can identify where that quote comes from?).

I will always try and model these positive behaviours in the future. I believe that these behaviours can be taught/learnt and should form part of the broader school curriculum. It should also be part of a wider school ethos.

Its now 830am… I dont think I am getting a call today!

THIS gives me the opportunity to enjoy an additional day with my wife, go for a long walk, do a few jobs and enjoy the day in a different way. Life can really good IF YOU CAN remain positive! 🙂



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