THIS is a series of GCSE STEM Apps which help improve young people’s understanding & results for GCSEs.  I am pleased to have been involved in the co-authoring of these Apps and proud to have been involved in the project.

Links to where the Apps can be downloaded for FREE and for Android (via Google Play) can be found here and for Apple (via I Tunes), here.

The STEM GCSE Apps are:

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Science
  • Additional Science
  • Maths
  • Computing

How the Apps can help young people

The Apps create the opportunity to see where the subject could take you, with the simple quiz & learn functionality, that makes grasping and revising GCSE’s in STEM subjects easy & fun. Also, don’t forget to explore the Careers Ideas and Work Skills for inspiration to.

The App is made up through a simple topic by topic menu interface that allows you to browse or quiz yourself in a way that suits you. The bitesize content also includes lots of links to video to aid your learning which has been filtered for you from the internet and YouTube.

The timed mini quizzes are available for every topic & a stats page allows you to monitor your progress.

Apps written by Dan Bowen, Liz Reece & Gareth Lewis (@garethlewis76)
Apps produced by ImpartIQ Ltd


Featured Image (Including adapted text): ImpartIQ Ltd


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