Returning To The TEACHING Promised Land

THIS Blog is about stepping into the unknown. Its about my future and what I hope to achieve in 2016. Its about looking after my family. Its about working hard to become a teacher again within 11-19 education. Most importantly its about helping to make a difference to the lives of young people.

I wrote two blogs in August (2015) titled ‘Becoming Me… A Teacher Again‘and ‘THIS Is About Being A Teacher‘ which has lead me to this blog. I am writing this because I am leaving my current role with an educational awarding body on the 23rd December to fulfill my aspiration of returning to the classroom. I only left the classroom in April of 2014 but every since taking on my current role which involves developing educational programmes, qualifications, teaching resources and delivering teacher CPD I have realised more and more that I miss teaching. I miss the day to day involvement in growing young people to fulfill their potential, guiding them to believe in themselves more, raising their aspirations to achieve and to help them become citizens prepared for life in the 21st Century.

The opportunity came about in October to take voluntary redundancy. I took it due to the burning desire to get back into the classroom. This is where I have taken my leap into the unknown. I have no job to go to at the time of writing this, becoming a supply teacher looks like my likely route for income to support my family. I have done this as I believe it will give me the best opportunity to return to the classroom and to become a full time permanent member of teaching staff within a school or college. My wife and I have also taken the decision to move back nearer our families in Scarborough, North Yorkshire from Bristol.

Ideally, and due to my achievements and experiences of 12 years working in education, I would like a role leading a department in a school or college as teaching and learning is my passion. I would also like to work in the North Yorkshire or East Yorkshire regions. To achieve this, for me, would be about returning to the TEACHING promised land.

I see this as a similar journey to what my local football team Scarborough Athletic (SAFC) is currently on.  SAFC started life again in 2007 after the previous club Scarborough FC folded. Since 2007 SAFC have been playing home games away from Scarborough, they are also trying to climb through the non-league pyramid to return to national league football. I similarly feel like I have been playing my home games away from where I truly believe I belong… in teaching! The last couple of years have provided a great experience and I believe through my current role I have developed and improved my craft through sharing educational ideas and pedagogy with other people working in education from across the UK.

THIS explains how 2016 will become my personal quest to return to teaching. I know I have the ideal skills and flexible experience of being able to teach Business, Geography, ICT and Travel & Tourism as my main teaching subjects. Much of the educational discussion in this country is that there is a lack of teachers to fill vacancies, especially in coastal areas. Well, I am here and ready! I accept there will be challenges along the way. I believe however that, like the SAFC motto, if there is ‘No Battle‘ from me to gain entry back into teaching… then there will certainly be ‘No Victory‘.


Featured Image: Courtesy of @safc supporters.

A link for gaining advice on that next teaching role (courtesy of @headguruteacher)

A link from The Guardian on the top 10 job interview questions.


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