MOOC Module 3 (#MENTEPCourse Learning Diary)

THIS is my learning diary for module 3. The title of module 3 is ‘Existing online assessment tools for TET competence‘.

The learning objectives for this module are:

1. Understand the design and objectives of the Norwegian and Greek teacher assessment tools aimed at monitoring the progress of a teachers’ technology-enhanced teaching competence;
2. Appreciate the benefits and limitations of the Norwegian and Greek tools for helping a teacher monitor and improve their technology-enhanced teaching skills;
3. Exercise your self-assessment skills by taking the Norwegian Teacher Mentor survey, keeping in mind all the self-assessment tips and principles discussed in the course so far.

Question to think about:

  1. What was useful/less useful?
  2. What was difficult?
  3. Was the advice useful?
  4. What will I do to act upon the advice?

The Teacher Mentor is an online learning tool which allows a teacher to reflect on their own practise based on levels awarded through the programme. The levels are awarded based on statements made by the teacher in reflection of their own practice. A demo version can be found at

Taking the Teacher Mentor Survey:

I chose to focus on one area which was the 1st section in ‘Pedagogy and Using ICT’. This is the area that I would most like to develop. The results of this section and the survey taken can be found in this link TeacherMentorSurvey_Oct15.

The most useful thing that I found was to get feedback on the the possible next steps to improve my own teaching and learning strategies. This is my reason for doing this course and is what will help my teaching of young people in the future. It is very time consuming to do this so I would recommend that (as I decided) you should only choose one section at a time to make as a focus. The advice in the videos was very didactic and I so found myself not listening to much of it. I am an active learner myself so only really became engaged when actually doing the survey myself and so being active in my own learning.

Based on the feedback that the system has given me, I would like to try follow theses action steps in the future:

  1. Collaborate with other teachers about my own development in such networks, but also be conscious of involving other teachers at the school in the discussions.
  2. To coach other teachers in planning and execution of their teaching involving digital media. In particular I would like to work on Gamification strategies. Through doing this I hope to develop my own competence through discussion and feedback.
  3. Look for opportunities to combine different elements to facilitate creation of new teaching aids.

I aim to use this feedback in my work with ASDAN to develop digital programmes, accreditation and teaching resources. Moreover I will use this in the future when I become a teacher once again.

THIS is Module 3… Done!

badge (3)

Featured Image My third Mozilla Badge showing that I have completed the third module of the course.


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