Starting My ‘MOOC’ (#MENTEPCourse Learning Diary)

THIS is what I intend to do to continue to re-connect with my teaching CPD. If you are a teacher you have to be a learner and that is what I intend to be over the next 6 weeks or so.

I have recently been exposed to a CPD concept known as a ‘MOOC’. I am probably behind the rest of the developed world by not having heard of this before, but not only do I now know about it… I have enrolled myself on a course! The course is being run by the European Schoolsnet Academy and aims to improve technology enhanced teaching through their #MENTEPcourse (MENtoring Technology-Enhanced Pedagogy).

A MOOC is a Massive Open Online Course which has the aim of ensuring life long learning where like minded people around the world share ideas through connecting, networking and collaborating. A MOOC also allows the individual to choose how they participate and their own success criteria.

Neil Morris and James Lambe (2014) define a MOOC as “The opportunity to learn about a subject from an expert, in the company of other interested learners.”

THIS is my goal…

I want to learn about technological pedagogy and develop my use of technology to improve my own leadership of learning inside the classroom. This will be to improve the learning experience of young people through the development of resources to that end.

Within my role as a National Development Co-ordinator at ASDAN I have been working on another CPD activity. I am working towards an Improving Own Learning & Performance Wider Key Skill at level 4. See WKS_StandWGuid_L1-4_ASDAN. This course will comprise part of this qualification.

The MOOC starts on the 28th September and I aim to keep updating THIS Education Blog with my progress.


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