Time to say “No”?

THIS blog by Love Learning is exactly what my blog site ‘thiseducationblog’ is set up for. My aim is to raise awareness, discuss, advise on learning ideas and to lobby for political change in education.

I have also been interviewed in a podcast for ‘Ideas in Education’. This can be found through this link below. I specifically discuss the points in the Love Learning blog. I also discuss ways that alternative testing can be carried out.

A couple of my blogs more specifically related to the Love Learning blog include…

Thank you Debra for highlighting this shared concern in education.

Love Learning....

I was interviewed for the radio yesterday. The call came through just as I was about to pop out for the evening and so I don’t remember which station it was. But the subject was a report issued yesterday claiming that business leaders felt that 16-18 year olds were ill prepared for the world of work. It’s a story we hear frequently, often misreported, criticising young people for poor literacy and numeracy skills, poor interpersonal skills and a lack of creativity and initiative.

The report only looked at entry level employees who had chosen not to go to University. This very definition alone is problematic in that every focus in government policy over the past five years has been done with an almost blinkered and single minded aim to get kids into universities, preferably Russell Group ones. The very fact that some children are resisting this pathway means they have…

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