Youth Worker? Need To Show Impact?

…then I may be able to point you in the way of a flexible accreditation opportunity.

THIS is what could help youth workers show the impact of their work and accredit the learning of the young people they come into contact with. I had the opportunity to attend a conference on Understanding the Impact of Youth Work at the University of Gloucestershire. I ran two workshops on behalf of ASDAN on ‘Accrediting Active & Experiential Learning’. The PowerPoint can be found here.

Youth Workers are being challenged to find ways of showing the impact of learning and activities that they carry out. This is therefore not a blog advising on how to engage learning, but more based on the curriculum programmes that ASDAN can provide directly relating to Youth Work. This is a way of demonstrating impact through nationally recognised accreditation.

The feedback received was very positive based on both cost and the accreditation that was suggested.

Please have a look at the PowerPoint provided in the link.

These are some Short Courses provided by ASDAN (click here) that match closely with the needs of youth workers. They develop skills for life and the ‘Soft Skills’ required by employers.




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