A really interesting account/opinion of where education is right now and it breaks my heart… I am one of those teachers who have taken a break from teaching young people directly. Not because I want to ( I love being a teacher) but because there were certain pressures to teach in a certain way, that I believe will not benefit the learner in the long term. It goes against my own teaching ethos and against why I became a teacher in the first place.

I hope to return to teaching very soon. I miss it so much… I will however, as suggested in this article, be choosing the right school and position to get back into the profession on my terms… Who knows it may even be abroad!

Love Learning....

Mike Cameron wrote a very compelling and worrying blog this week on the conditions forming a perfect storm for teacher shortages and so I’ll try not to repeat too much of what was already a comprehensive view of the situation we’re currently facing. But I’d like to add a few of my own thoughts about the implications that this government might want to consider as we face this crisis.

The headline stats show that there are 12% fewer applicants to teacher training courses this year at the same time as we see a 7% increase in pupil numbers. And while the reported figure of 40% of teachers leaving the profession before fully qualifying was overstated, the real figure is still a concern. Indeed, we are still looking at an almost unprecedented number of teachers leaving the profession within five years and many more after years of dedicated service. I myself…

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