A National Baccalaureate

I am so pleased to read that a group of grass-roots educationalists, led by Tom Sherrington (@headguruteacher), are getting together to create a new type of Baccalaureate (Bacc). This new Bacc is called the ‘National Baccalaureate’ and aims to ‘break down the technical-academic divide’. This is brilliant news and I hope that they manage to push educational policy enough to make this Bacc happen.

It would be a progressive Bacc that offers young people the opportunity to access a mixture of ‘valued’ academic, vocational and personal development studies. More importantly this type of Bacc would be fully inclusive and have levels that would suit all abilities, from Entry through to Level 3. This will give learners an opportunity to have a broad curriculum rather than through the VERY narrow EBacc. The full Schools Week supplement can be found here (page 4&5).


I am particularly pleased with this new venture as this is exactly what I have been calling for policy development on through THIS Education Blog. I published a blog on the 30th January which follows a similar theme to the call for the National Baccalaureate. My blog was about how to incorporate skills development learning into a Bacc. In the blog I highlighted the Welsh Bacc as a way forward. The Welsh Bacc was also highlighted in the Schools Week Supplement by Editor Laura McInerney (@miss_mcinerney) as part of the same article.

I am just so pleased that other more influential people are singing to a similar, if not the very same, tune as me regarding education in this country.

My most recent blog about what I would do if I were the Education Secretary follows similar themes again and can be found here.


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