National Skills Audit Anyone?

This is my easiest blog yet. The reason being that it is largely written by another person…

All I ask you to do is read this article titled ‘It is time for a national skills audit’ produced by SecEd and featuring the comments of Maggie Walker CEO at awarding body ASDAN.

These are just a few individual pieces of information from the article that particularly resonated with me if you do not wish to read the full article. Although please do as it is most definitely on the money!

“For too long, successive education secretaries and politicians have at best ignored and at worst denigrated what they describe as “soft skills” as worthless and lacking rigour. What is far more likely, however, is that these qualities and basic human traits have been set to one side because they are too difficult to assess, measure and attach a currency to for use in performance tables”.

“These skills are vital if we are to produce properly functioning citizens who occupy a worthwhile place in society, and for the creation of a productive, contributing workforce. Without all of these elements, in combination with high standards of academic achievement, we cannot possibly hope to compete in a competitive global economy”.

“Headteachers told the commissioners that it was less important to them how many GCSEs school-leavers achieved and at what grade, than the extent to which their students, particularly those who were most disadvantaged, would thrive and succeed in the outside world. For schools with high Pupil Premium funding, this presents a delicate balancing act of ensuring pupils leave with good qualifications but also those vital life-skills that will see them through in life. With appropriate support and teaching both can be achieved”. My recent blog ‘A Different Baccalaureate Option For Soft Skills’ outlines how a balanced curriculum could work in Key Stage 4.

“If Ms Morgan is serious about the acquisition of skills, and about raising future generations of academically rounded, and social and emotionally balanced young adults, then it is time for all political parties to acknowledge that skills-based competence does matter, and it does count”.

“Competing with Finland this week and Shanghai the next for grades in international performance tables cannot be the way forward. How can we plan and execute educational reforms without first seeing the bigger picture”.

This is what I agree with totally. I want to see this National Skills Audit happen. It is what education needs right now. Not more change, but rather concentrate on what the brilliant teachers do out there every day: Building rounded learners equipped for the 21st century!


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